About us...

A Little insight into who we are...

MAS Design Consultants Ltd., founded in 2002 in Guiseley, North Leeds, is an Architectural Design company working on a range of projects covering residential, commercial, educational and community buildings both locally and nationally. Our talented team of Architects and Architectural Technicians are lead by Mark Scatchard, born and bred in Guiseley - Marks puts heart and passion into his Yorkshire based company.

The company is driven by the desire to blend creative design with client expectations, working as a team to realise the best possible building solution. Our office approach invites all members of staff to actively participate in the development of all projects from inception to completion. 

Our knowledge of the local area enables us to efficiently and effectively advise on the most appropriate course of action, whilst updating them of changes to national and local policy.

Areas we cover: We work mainly in the North Leeds area of Yorkshire but have also worked in London, Surrey, Gloucestershire and the Midlands. Much of our work comes from Guiseley, Menston, Ilkley, Burley-in-Wharfedale, Otley, Huby, Weeton, Harrogate and Leeds. We would never discount a job based on distance - we have even travelled overseas!

Mark and his team are fantastic, knowledgable, easy to work with and very reliable.
— Stephen & Nicola Briggs

Mark Scatchard

Director, Technician

Role: Mainly client facing these days. Meeting clients, discussing requirements, helping dreams become reality! Drawing really straight lines!

Experience: 17 years running MAS Design Consultants. Started small, growing all the time.

Schooling: ONC Building Studies, On-Site learning on the job from age 16! 

When not at work: Out spinning my legs through our beautiful county. Walking, running and generally spending time outdoors with the people I love.

Favourite building: York Minster - the beauty of it just takes my breath away.

Admires: Anyone who pushes themselves outside of their comfort zone to achieve a goal. Lets us know we can all do that if we try. Really admire Gary Verity - for all he has done for Yorkshire!


Andrew Willis

Office Manager

Role:  Office manager – day to day I try to keep everyone on task, on time, on target and on budget and well-hydrated. Checking for typos.  Invoicing/ accounting/ customer relations/ receptionist/ quality control/ health & safety/ marriage guidance/ counselling/ attending in snow etc……

Experience: 7 years primary teaching.  2 years environmental education.  11 years building and running a business.  4 years at MAS.

Schooling: 10 GCSE’s A-C, 4 A levels, MSc Geography & Geology, PGCE, Business owner, 46 years of life.

When not at work: I don’t relax, but I do cycle, run, photography, walk, taxi children, eat curry and build….

Favourite building: My house….because I have sweated blood, sweat and tears to build it….

Admires: My wife, Nina she’s still with me.


Lee scatchard


Role: Technician

Experience: A while at MAS. 15years ish

Schooling: BSc Building Surveyor

When not at work: Visit holiday home at Runswick Bay, walking, running.

Favourite building: My holiday home at Runswick Bay.  Ankor Wat, Cambodia

Admires: No-one specific, but someone who’s battled adversity, discrimination and won.


Ivan Smith

Senior Architect

Role:  Designing to meet or even exceed a client’s brief, Project Managing & drinking Andrew’s coffee.

Experience: 18 Years in practice designing and building homes, workplaces, caring places and learning places.

Schooling: Hull and Leeds schooled Registered Architect and 18 years practice trying to bring together project teams in partnership with Large, Medium and Small sized main contractors on large, medium and small sized and projects.

When not at work: Camping with the family most summer weekends, watching football & rugby, walking, good ale and good music.

Favourite building(s): Sydney Opera House for its vision, Museo Patio Herreriano, Valladolid in Spain for its fusion of new and old using the nature of the materials in which it was built and the traditional houses of the North Yorkshire villages that nestle into the landscapes in which they were built.

Admires: Alvar Aalto, Frank Lloyd Wright, Zaha Hadid & The Stone Roses


Darren Butland

Architecural Technician

Role:  I work on Planning & Building regulation applications both commercial and residential.  My passion and specialist area is in conservation and restoration of historic buildings.

Experience: 20+ years of experience in building design.  In my 2nd year at MAS Design Consultants Ltd.

Schooling: ONC & HNC in Building studies.  HNC in Building conservation.  BSc(Hons) in Building conservation.

When not at work: I spend time with my children and family.  I am a keen water colour artist and pen and ink sketcher.  I also cycle, walk, drink and enjoy music and curries.

Favourite building: Caldey Island Monastery in Tenby.

Admires: The Film Director Oliver Stone for keeping it honest and real in his film making. The Graphic Artist M.C Escher - Dutch artist, his work features mathematical objects and operations including impossible objects, explorations of infinity, reflection, symmetry, perspective, truncated and stellated polyhedral, hyperbolic geometry, and tessellations. I love his work his attention to detail is amazing his work is very 3 dimensional really draws your eye and catches your attention.  


Erica Hill

Business Development Manager

Role: Website, Social Media, Human Resources - a little bit of everything and a lot of not much.

Experience: 20 years in IT, Teaching and life.

Schooling: Lots of impressive sounding qualifications which have nothing to do with architecture.

When not at work: Running, cycling, being with my family and enjoying not being at work!

Favourite building: Just British churches generally. I love the history of them, the stained glass windows and the feeling of calm you get when you walk into one.

Admires: My best mate Ali - she is a rock.