MAS Design New Build Achieves Highest Energy-Efficiency Rating

A new build house in Menston has been awarded one of the highest energy efficiency ratings possible. This eco-home, designed by MAS Design Consultants Ltd. and built by excellent local builders DPI has taken ‘Passivhaus’ design elements and created a truly earth-friendly building. As well as reducing air leakage, getting rid of thermal bridges, increasing insulation levels, and making good use of glazing for solar gain, the MAS/DPI teams have added water-catchment systems and solar panels to create an almost self-sufficient property.

Although energy efficient homes are being designed and built more regularly throughout the UK, it can be quite a challenge to get it right from the design stages all the way through to the actual build. This fantastic home is proof that MAS & DPI know what they are doing! Contact MAS Design today for more information or if you are interested in building an energy efficient property of your own.