Gaining Planning Permission through the art of Conversation!

Why email when you can talk?

Don't let your keyboard do all the talking! These days it has become automatic to conduct the bulk of our business communication via email. In fact, the use of email was intended to speed up our business communication. Yet, don’t we find that it seems to take about 100 messages to make a decision about anything?  Not to mention how easy it can be to misread the tone of an email in a way that real conversation doesn't usually allow. Here at MAS Design we are finding more and more that picking up the telephone or chatting to someone face-to-face is the way forward. Our continued success at gaining planning permission for all sorts of projects, including those previously refused, is testament to our personal approach. We are all human beings - let’s act like it!

Example Project 1:

Take a recent MAS Design project as an example. Our planning application for a substantial new build replacement house in Mirfield was initially met with opposition.  The town council were veering towards objecting against the proposal.  This could easily have been the end of it - but we spoke to the council, we attended meetings and listened to their concerns, they in turn listened to the reasoning behind our proposal. As a direct result of this mutual, open discussion the objections were overturned and planning was granted a couple of weeks later.

It’s good to talk!

Mirfield New Build - Visual Concept

Mirfield New Build - Visual Concept

Example Project 2:

Another example project is a new build dwelling in the Collingham area of Leeds. The house was to be ‘modern’ - a style fundamentally rejected in the local plan itself. MAS Design requested a consultation meeting with the Leeds Planning Department Design Advisor. Initially we were met with resistance to our request. But we called, we talked, we persisted and eventually a consultation meeting was held. All parties were able to leave the meeting with a mutually agreeable way forward. What seemed like a ‘brick-wall’ to start with was quickly overcome by face-to-face discussion.

Collingham New Build - Visual Concept(Front)

Collingham New Build - Visual Concept(Front)

Collingham New Build - Visual Concept(Rear)

Collingham New Build - Visual Concept(Rear)

MAS Design often achieve planning consent where other architectural firms have tried and failed.

How? Mark Scatchard, Director of MAS Design Consultants attributes it to “conversation”. “We have a good working relationship with planning officers, builders and clients. We take on board everybody’s point of view and try to work out the best way forward.” he says. “Maybe my phobia of technology has helped.” Mark joked. “It means I prefer to talk to people face-to-face or over the phone at least”.

Let MAS Design help you today!

By taking the time to identify the relevant ‘officials’ or ‘organisations’ and by meeting with them to communicate our designs we are finding that this is the most successful route to overcoming any concerns with applications. Particularly if your project is outside of the normal parameters of design in the local area.

Feel free to give us a call to discuss any planning issues you might have. Or just call for a chat - you know we like a good old natter!

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Blog Post written by Ivan Smith, Senior Architect, MAS Design Consultants Ltd.